SMA Sunny Island Inverters

Together with the battery unit, the stand-alone inverter Sunny Island creates a standard AC voltage grid into which all components, from electrical appliances to electricity generators, can be integrated.
With this ACcoupling and the Sunny Island as its system manager, SMA has developed the technological solution for energy supply in remote areas which are far away from the mains grid, or for emergency power supply in unstable grids.

For the first time, PV systems, wind turbines, diesel generators, hydroelectric or combined heat and power plants can now be coupled on the AC side along with 230 V loads, eliminating the need for expensive DC cabling and providing maximum flexibility.
This makes it possible to adapt a stand-alone grid of this kind to increasing demands, quickly and without technical complexity.
With SMA‘s technology it is possible to provide electricity to a large proportion of the 1.6 billion people who do not have access to it today.

New Sunny Island products:
the Sunny Island 2012 and Sunny Island 2224 extend the product range for the lower power sector. The new devices do not only include the well-known features from the big brother Sunny Island 5048. A lower weight and a reduced size make the new inverters even easier to handle and install.
The high protection class IP54 and the Sunny Remote Control (SRC-20) give you full flexibility for the installation location. The integrated data storage and update feature via SD card result in additional user and service friendliness.
Easy to use technology at its best: the unbeatable combination for off-grid systems up to 9 kilowatts.
The Sunny Island 5048 is flexible and expandable, takes on all control processes in an off-grid system, and ensures a continuous power supply. The extended battery management allows a very precise determination of the battery‘s state of charge. This enables improved utilization of the battery capacity. Intelligent temperature management and excellent overload characteristics make the Sunny Island 5048 particularly suitable for use in extreme conditions. The Sunny Island 5048U is 120 VAC and 60 Hz UL version of the Sunny Island 5048.
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